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Club Hotel Cortina

This page contains information for owners of time share right of use


On the first day of your stay, your room will be available from 4 pm, while on the last day of your stay please check out before 10 am.
After this period the key cards will no longer be functional. At the check-in, you will be asked to provide a deposit of €80, which can be paid in cash and is refunded after the room bill is settled at the check-out.
In all cases, damages done to the room will be charged and deducted from the deposit. All guests, age 15 and above, are charged with a €1 per night tourism tax.

Extra beds

The cost of the extra bed depends on the age of the person using the bed and is as follows: free of charge for babies up to the age of 2; €17 per night for ages 2 to 6; € 45 per night for ages 7 to 16. Please kindly inform us in advance in case you will need an extra bed to allow enough time for installation. The cost of the extra bed will also be charged to the room in the instance if an unannounced person is found to be staying in your room. If you are accompanied by a person that is not entitled to time share right of use, you are obliged to inform us in advance.


Mid-sized pets are allowed in the hotel at the charge of €10 per night. Putting your week in deposit In case you do not wish to use your week, nor do you wish to entitle someone else to use it, do not forget to put your week in deposit in the international time share system. The deadline for this action is 15 days before the first day of your week.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my week begin?

You can find out the dates of your week by reading the maintenance bill, calling our customer service or checking the time share calendar.

Can I exchange my week?

Yes, you may exchange your week through the international
time share system (RCI, Interval), or if you are a HCH membership holder, through the HCH exchange point.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to put my week in deposit?

You must have settled all your outstanding maintenance fees, before you can put your week in deposit. If you wish to put your week in deposit for the forthcoming years, you must pay the maintenance fees for those years in advance.

What should I do, if my deposit request is denied?

In case you file a request to put your week in deposit while you still have outstanding maintenance fees, your request will be denied. If you are using the RCI system, you must settle your outstanding fees and then file a new request. If you are using the Interval system, you have a two week period to settle your outstanding balance before your request is denied.

How can I entitle a member of my family or a friend to use my week?

If you would like to entitle someone else with your week, please kindly write a formal authorization, listing your details, the details of the entitled person, and the dates of your week. The hotel can only check in this person if he possesses a signed formal authorization. Furthermore, please inform us about your arrangements in advance.

Are there any extra charges if I entitle someone else to use my week?

If the entitled person possesses a signed formal authorization, he will not be charged for the room. However, he will have to provide the safety deposit and pay the tourism tax.

Do I need to take out travel insurance?

If you hold a valid European Union social insurance card, you are entitled to receive free medical care in Austria. If you do not hold this card, we strongly advise you to take out travel insurance, otherwise you will be charged for medical care.

Is breakfast available at the hotel?

Start your day with our breakfast buffet, offering coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a choice of fruit juices, a variety of breads, cold meats and assorted cheeses, cakes and pastries, savoury spreads, marmalade, granola and cereals, as well as fresh fruit.

How are the rooms equipped?

Please kindly refer to the Apartments page, where you can download detailed lists.

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